Cerion (Strophiops) josephinae Clench, 1935

Original Description

"Shell cylindrical, solid, ribbed, and perforate.  Color a flat white, with the ribs a little shining.  Interior of aperture a dark brown.  Whorls 9½-10¾, first 6 whorls rounded conic, later whorls nearly parallel sided. Nuclear whorls nearly smooth, opaque and glass-like, remaining whorls porcelanous.  Umbilical pit fairly deep, abruptly margined by a slight ridge. Parietal tooth well developed in the mid-area of the parietal wall.  Axial lamella entirely absent or only faintly developed well within the aperture. This follows back when present along the base of the columella for about a full whorl.  Aperture subquadrate.  Lip entire, distinctly collared, the back-fold strongly developed and generally much thickened.  Sculpture of strong axial ribs numbering about 32-35 on the body whorl." [Clench, 1935:49]. 

The holotype measured 34 x 14.8 mm, the aperture 9 x 7 mm.  The average measurements of ten paratypes were 33.3 x 14.1, the aperture 8.8 x 7.2.

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