Cerion (Cyclocerion) baconi Bartsch, 1952

Original Description

"Cerion (Cyclocerion) baconi, new species

(Figure 1)

            Shell small, pupoid, short, broad, white with irregularly developed, slightly retractively slanting axial band of pale gray which extend over the periphery and base of the last whorl. Interior of the aperture and peristome white. The nucleus consists of 2.1 well rounded, broad whorls which are marked by lines of growth only. The postnuclear whorls are well rounded and marked by slightly retractively slanting lines of growth. Suture moderately impressed. Periphery well rounded. Base openly broadly umbilicated. The parietal wall of the umbilicus is straight and wide. The aperture is broadly oval, showing a heavy fold deep within on the parietal wall. The peristome is complete, enormously thickened and expanded, and undiminished on the parietal wall.

            The type, U. S. N. M. No. 390797, was collected by the author near North West Point on Little Inagua Island, Bahamas, while on the Walter Rathbone Bacon Traveling Scholarship Expedition of the Smithsonian Institution. It has 6.2 whorls and measures: height, 7.2 mm.; diameter, 6.1 mm.

            U. S. N. M. No. 392666 contains 44 paratypes from the same source."

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