Subgenus Strophiops

Original Description

"Subgenus Strophiops Dall, 1894.

Strophia Albers, 1850, not of Meigen, Syst. Beschr., III. 147, 1832 (Lepidoptera).

            Shell with the parietal lamina penetrating the body whorl to one third, one half, or more of its length; situated midway between the pillar and the outer lip at the aperture; axial lamina visible (and sometimes double) at the aperture, continuous for one or two turns on the axis within; whorls ample, without laminæ (other than those mentioned) internally. Type Pupa decumana Fér., Castle Island, Bahamas. (Figure 4.)

            S. pannosa Maynard, S. copia, S. nana, and S. lineata of the same author belong to this group, which Maynard regards as characteristics of the Cayman Islands, Bahamas."

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