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Adeonella   Genus


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"Adeonella, n. gen.

Eschara (pars), Auctt.

Character.-Zoarium erect, very variously branched or lobate, attached by a contracted base, or pedicle, often containing radical fibres and affixed usually on a more or less flexible support.

It is extremely difficult to point out an very definite line of distinction between some of the forms included under this subgenus and some of the non-fenestrate species placed under Adeona, as for instance Adeona folifera, Lamarck, or Adeona intermedia, Kirchenpauer. The main difference consists in the absence in all cases of a jointed flexible stem, which again may or may not be present in one and the same species of the fenestrate kind as is the case in the species I propose to name Adeona gattyae. But it is curious to observe that the want of flexibility in the peduncle itself is, in all instances that have come under my notice, supplied by the support itself being flexible, such as some hydroid growth, or fibre of Gorqonia, or Antipathes, a Fucus, sponge, &c.

As regards the general zocia1 characters, there is no difference whatever between Adiona and Adeonella, and in one respect the zoaria of the two resemble each other, for in many cases among the Adeonellae there is a distinct midrib on the main stem and lobes, of precisely the same nature as the peculiar raised veins or ridges seen in most of the Adeonae." (Busk, 1884:183)