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Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Sapphirina auronitens

A drawing by Giesbrecht (1892) of the Copepoda, Sapphirina auronitens Claus, 1863


Research Zoologists

Cairns, Stephen Scleractinia and Stylasteridae
Harasewych, Jerry Emeritus, Marine Mollusks
Hershler, Robert Aquatic Gastropoda
Lemaitre, Rafael Decapod Crustacea
Meyer, Christopher Marine Gastropoda 
Norenburg, Jon Nemerteans
Osborn, Karen Polychaeta and Peracarida
Phillips, Anna Clitellata and Cestoda
Pawson, David Emeritus, Holothuroidea & Echinoidea
Rice, Mary Emeritus, Sipuncula
Roper, Clyde Emeritus, Cephalopoda
Ruetzler, Klaus Porifera
Strong, Ellen Caenogastropoda
Research Zoologist Complete list of Curatorial taxa responsibilities

Technical Staff

Ahlfeld, Katie Museum Specialist
Annunziata, Alexa Museum Technician
Barnes, Valorie Museum Technician
Coffer, Timothy Museum Specialist
Cole, Linda Museum Specialist
Goetz, Freya Museum Technician
Gulledge, Rose Museum Specialist
Keel, Geoff Museum Specialist
Moser, William Acting Collection Manager
O'Mahoney, Michael Museum Technician
Ong, Lana Museum Specialist
Reed, Karen Museum Specialist
Villacampa, Yolanda Museum Specialist
Walter, Chad Museum Specialist
Ward, Linda Museum Specialist
Wickel, Courtney Museum Technician
Wirshing, Herman Support Scientist

Administrative Staff

Arciniega-Melendez, Marisol Management Support Specialist
Caesar, Dorothy Program Clerk
Carroll, Jacqueline Office Automation Assistant
Gravely, Anne Secretary
Jenkins, David Management Support Specialist
Jones, Sharon Secretary
Norenburg, Jon Department Chair
Reynolds, Adriana Management Support Specialist
Youmans, Carol Management Support Specialist

National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA

Collins, Allen NOAA, NMFS Adjunct Scientist
Nizinski, Martha NOAA, NMFS Adjunct Scientist
Vecchione, Mike NOAA, NMFS Adjunct Scientist

Office of the Sant Chair for Marine Science

Knowlton, Nancy Sant Chair for Marine Science

Associated Researchers and Volunteers

Ames, Cheryl Predoctoral Fellow
Baldwin-Fergus, Jamie Postdoctoral Fellow
Bentlage, Bastian Research Collaborator
Bush, Stephanie Postdoctoral Fellow
Crandall, Frank Research Associate
Crandall, Keith Research Associate
Fornshell, John Research Associate
Felder, Darryl Research Associate
Feldmann, Rodney Research Associate
Greenhall, Paul Museum Specialist Retired; Volunteer
Hammock, Jennifer Marine Theme Coordinator, EOL
Hayes, Kenneth Research Collaborator
Heard, Richard Research Associate
Holsinger, John Research Associate
Kayal, Ehsan Postdoctoral Fellow
Leasi, Francesca Postdoctoral Fellow
Mah, Christopher Research Collaborator
Martin, Joel Research Associate
Nelson, Elizabeth Museum Specialist, Retired
Opresko, Dennis Research Associate
Piantoni, Carla Research Collaborator
Reaka, Marjorie Research Associate
Ryan, Molly Scientific Illustrator Retired; Volunteer
Schotte, Marilyn Research Collaborator
Schweitzer, Carrie Research Associate
Smythe, Ashleigh Research Collaborator
Tavares, Marcos Research Associate
Tëmkin, Ilya Research Collaborator
Tudge, Chris Research Associate
Vance, Doris (e-mail) Research Collaborator
Windsor, Amanda Research Collaborator
Yager, Jill Research Associate
Zattara, Eduardo Research Associate

Former Staff


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